Top Three Home Remodeling Trends 2018

Home building and remodeling is a fascinating industry. Not only is there so much physical work involved, but it is an art form. Every year, we are seeing new styles and trends taking over. It can be tough for contractors and construction companies to keep up. But those who are on top of the latest trends will have a much easier time finding customers.

Here are the top three home remodeling trends of 2018:

  1. Kitchen Islands

Even homeowners who have relatively small kitchens are asking about the possibility of setting up a kitchen island. While tiny kitchen islands are emerging, many remodeling contractors come up with another solution. They encourage the homeowner to get rid of the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create one big room. It is much easier to accommodate a kitchen island this way, while it makes the whole cooking and dining experience a lot more fun for the entire family.

  1. Asphalt Driveways

Homeowners are starting to get sick of concrete driveways. Not only do they feel the look of a concrete driveway is a bit dated, but they are tired of how it is always cracking. And many homeowners are frustrated at the massive bills they get each time a crack in the concrete driveway needs repairing. It is why so many are turning to asphalt paving companies inĀ Mechanicsville instead. An asphalt driveway is cheaper to install and much cheaper to maintain compared to concrete.

  1. Walk-In Showers

It is a trend that started a couple years ago, but is picking up some serious steam in 2018. Walk-in showers are all the rage, with many homeowners opting to get rid of their bathtubs. Walk-in showers are especially useful for smaller bathrooms, where space is limited. Instead of having a massive tub that no one fully utilizes, a walk-in shower can take up less space, making the bathroom feel more spacious.