About Us

What began as a passion project between two friends has turned into a well known magazine that is carried in the lobbies of construction companies around the United States. When we first came up with the idea of starting a construction magazine, we had no idea how popular it would get. We just wanted to write about the topics that we cared about. It was our passion that led to others joining the team – and we have never looked back.

Readers who want to know about the latest happenings in the construction industry will find all that information in our latest issues. We have a particular focus on home building and remodeling, which is why you will see many pieces on the latest home remodeling and building trends. Whether it is a new way of designing a kitchen island or a new mix being used by an asphalt paving contractor in Mechanicsville, we will be covering the latest and most interesting developments.

We always encourage a diverse range of articles within our magazine. It is why we have so many freelance writers from around the nation. We do not want to focus on the same fix or six construction companies that are making the news on the east coast. We want to broaden our horizons with each issue. It is why you will see articles about different types of construction projects. Whether it is a driveway pavement contractor inĀ Mechanicsville that is attracting interest or a home remodeling company, we cover all interesting stories.

We are also doubling down on a recent section of the magazine that has become very popular: insider profiles. We tried a few of these in the past months and got a lot of positive feedback from our readers. They are happy that we are profiling different people within the home building and construction industry. We are committed to getting even more profiles done in the coming months.