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Green Changes to Asphalt Mixes

Green Changes to Asphalt Mixes
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If there is one thing that we can say about the asphalt industry, it is that methods are often the same many years down the road. Asphalt contractors in Mechanicsville have methods and procedures that work for them. It takes a lot for them to incorporate new elements into their procedures. But it appears that paving companies around the country will have to start making changes, especially as customers are demanding more green solutions within construction projects.

Going Green in Construction

There is no doubt that a lot of environmental waste takes place during construction projects. Even if we ignore all the building and the various heavy machinery that is involved in the projects, a lot of material ends up getting thrown out. A lot of waste is generated from each project. And it is one of the reasons why customers have become more aware of how companies in this industry are behaving.

Customers want companies that are willing to incorporate green elements into their projects, even if it is a small step at a time. And it is what some asphalt paving contractors are doing around the world. But we have yet to see these methods become mainstream. Many people it will happen in 2018, which makes the next few months very interesting for anyone who follows this industry.

Green Asphalt

While asphalt will never be green, there are some ways to ensure that a mix is better for the environment than it was in the past. For instance, asphalt paving contractors in Mechanicsville do use recycled rubber from car tires and other products as part of their mixes.

In fact, some would say that adding the rubber helps the mixes in terms of their structural integrity and the amount of noise that is generated when cars pass over the pavement. We are even seeing some recycled bottles and single use plastics making their way into asphalt mixes. While these additions are not nationwide, they are gaining a good amount of traction!

Asphalt Changes in Rotterdam and Sydney

Two of the most interesting stories we have seen regarding green asphalt come from Rotterdam in Holland and Sydney in Australia. In Rotterdam, there is an entire bike path that is being made out of recycled plastic blocks that are easy to snap together. It is almost like a bike path made out of LEGO pieces, but it still has the structural integrity to stay strong for many decades.

The work in Sydney that is being done with asphalt is also impressive. Australian researchers came up with a method for adding cigarette butts into the asphalt mix. Their study showed that roadway quality improves when adding these butts into the mix. And there are some asphalt paving contractors in Sydney who are adding recycled printer toner into their asphalt mix, which is known for being environmentally friendly.

We are seeing some huge changes when it comes to asphalt paving contractors and the environment. We believe that companies are starting to recognize what their customers want. Society in advanced nations is beginning to care a lot more about how we are treating the environment.

And it is not just for residential contracts that companies may want to start upping their “green” game. It is also for city contractors. Constituents are much happier when their city agrees a contract for paving asphalt when that asphalt company is known for using green elements in their asphalt mix.